Welcome to Ketchikan123 - our local Community Resource Guide to help you find what you need when you need it.

Ketchikan123 was started by the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition in response to community members, partner agencies, and service providers who were searching for a ‘one stop shop’ directory of health and wellness resources. Large, online directories and search results typically list resources available in big cities like Anchorage and Juneau, leaving people in smaller communities frustrated and struggling. In 2017, the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition collated a list of resources and printed the first Community Resource Guide. Since then, thousands of printed guides have been distributed throughout the community. Each year, the community resource guide continued to grow and, in 2022, it expanded into a comprehensive, easily accessible website – www.Ketchikan123.org.


The efforts of Ketchikan123 are rooted in the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition’s mission to make Ketchikan a community in which people want to live, to thrive. We have curated a dynamic list of organizations, agencies, programs, and businesses that foster the development of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. Wherever a member of the Ketchikan community might be on their journey, they can find resources to support their overall wellness.

Learn more about the 8 Dimensions of Wellness from SAMHSA – the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


The resources listed in Ketchikan123 are searchable by name and keyword and can also be found by color-coded categories and sub-categories. You can find resources that are available to people who live in and visit Ketchikan, focused primarily on local resources but also including those available to all Alaskans. By design, as providers and opportunities change, so will the content of this directory. Ketchikan123 has been curated to support overall health and promote living a full and vibrant life; this is not intended as a business directory nor a serve as a crisis management tool.


Profiles listed in Ketchikan123 include contact information, descriptions, location, forms and paperwork (as available), and recommendations for other similar resources. There is an option to create a Ketchikan123 profile that might help you keep track of your favorite listings, or you can use the directory without a profile. You may see a pop-up demographic survey while visiting Ketchikan123. We appreciate you taking the time to answer the short, completely anonymous survey as this information is critical for our continued grant funding.


In the process of developing Ketchikan123, the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition has learned that many small communities throughout Alaska have experienced similar frustrations in finding a directory of local resources. As a result, we will soon launch a companion mobile app called ALASKA COMMUNITY RESOURCES. The ALASKA COMMUNITY RESOURCES app will connect a network of resource directories from small communities across Alaska and will be available for all Alaskans. The app will help community members access resources specific to their local areas, something that larger directories are unable to do. ALASKA COMMUNITY RESOURCES app users can also select different community directories to find resources throughout the state. So, whether you visit or move to another community, are helping a friend or family member who lives somewhere else, or are simply curious, you’ll have access to all of the resources available within the ALASKA COMMUNITY RESOURCES network. We hope that this network will amplify the efforts of local organizations and agencies (like the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition), encourage increased community collaboration, and increase access to critical resources for rural Alaskans.


Please click on “Contact Us” if you have any questions, tech issues, know of an organization/program that should be included, or need help accessing a particular resource.


Coming soon! “Ask a Community Navigator”

Community Navigators are volunteers in the community who are familiar with Ketchikan123 and the resources available, and who are eager to support their neighbors to access what they need to live a full and vibrant life. If you need support identifying which resources may be helpful, completing provider paperwork or applications, or find navigating the website or mobile app challenging, reach out using the Contact Us form.


We’d like to extend our appreciation for local photographers who contributed the images found throughout www.ketchikan123.org<http://www.ketchikan123.org>. Thank you to Felix Wong, Mitchell Knight, Cindy Balzer, and Karen Miller for sharing your art with the community!


About the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition (KWC)

The Ketchikan Wellness Coalition (KWC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Ketchikan, Alaska. Since 2007, KWC’s mission is to promote community wellness through assessment and action. Largely grant-funded and with the efforts of multiple volunteer Task Forces, KWC uses evidence-based practices to strengthen partnerships, support the efforts of service providers to bridge service gaps, and increase existing services in the community. Visit www.ktnwc.org for more information.